I'm Leanne Kallal.

I'm a free-spirited, passionate, and a creative soul. I'm also a writer, business owner, and podcast host dedicated to living a life that feels good and lights me up from the inside out. I love supporting others to do the same and I look forward to connecting and growing with you!

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The GlowJo is an online space for the creative, entrepreneurial,
and free-spirited seekers of the world. Inspired by the Japanese practice of creating a “Dojo” (a sacred place for immersive learning and meditation), The GlowJo is a playful and accessible online space created to empower YOU, wherever you are on your journey.

We focus on cultivating conversations, content, and curated products to help you fuel up, feel good and own your glow! 

Welcome to The GlowJo 

Consider this your one-stop-shop for tips, tricks and inspiration for creating the Life you're meant to live. 

Ready to feel good and find flow no matter where you go?

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This is not a one-size-fits all kind of place. It's permission to become authentically, unapologetically, and (im)perfectly you.

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You know that friend that has the best advice and shares truth-bombs without batting an eye? Wise beyond their years, but still down to earth, modern and playful... think of The GlowJo Podcast as this friend on speed dial. Accessible 24/7. Whenever. Wherever. No matter what.

The GlowJo Podcast 

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I work with creative souls who are looking for a dose of support and empowerment to turn their business or passion project into a measurable and enjoyable success!

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“Working with Leanne has literally changed my life and my ability to impact the world with my work. She is the best kept secret around. I can't recommend her enough.”



Let's get to know each other.

My name is Leanne (some of my friend calls me Mama LeeLee) and I'm a free-spirited, adventure-loving, empathic, creative, and innovative (old) soul. I’m also a consultant, coach, and entrepreneur since 2011.  

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