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The GlowJo is a Podcast and Online Space for the creative, entrepreneurial, and free-spirited seekers of the world. This is not a one-size-fits all kind of place. It's permission to become authentically, unapologetically, and (im)perfectly you.

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Inspired by the Japanese practice of creating a “Dojo” (a sacred place for immersive learning and meditation), The GlowJo is a playful and accessible online space and podcast created to empower YOU, wherever you are on your journey.

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We focus on cultivating conversations, content, and curated products to help you fuel up, feel good and Own your glow! 

Consider this your one-stop-shop for tips, tricks and inspiration for creating the life you're meant to live. 

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You know that friend that has the best advice and shares truth-bombs without batting an eye? Wise beyond their years, but still down to earth, modern and playful... think of The GlowJo Podcast as this friend on speed dial. Accessible 24/7. Whenever. Wherever. No matter what.

The GlowJo Podcast 

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“Wow! Entering The GlowJo is a must. The episodes are filled with no-filter banter, sage wisdom and simple practices aimed at helping you stay on track to living your best life. Leanne's positive energy is infectious and heart-warming. I already can't wait for the next episode to be released!” ~ Belinda.A

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My name is Leanne (some of my friend calls me Mama LeeLee) and I'm a free-spirited, adventure-loving, empathic, creative, and innovative (old) soul. I’m also a consultant, coach, podcast host and entrepreneur.

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