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the GLOWJO podcast

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We explore all the things and tackle the big questions and missing pieces of the puzzle of life together.  And YES - The GlowJo Guests will have you doing the tilted head nod (or whatever your best pondering, hmmm or a-ha face is) in every episode. 

Thought Provoking 

Soul Soothing

Think of The GlowJo Podcast as your personal sanctuary -  A place where you can kick up your heels, let down your guard and fuel up. Because this is YOUR time to nourish your soul and do whatever the heck you want! Let's fuel your feel-good together. <3 

the glowjo PODCAST promise

Always Inspiring

Something magical happens when we can learn and grow from each other. Whether it's an inspiring personal story, a new personal growth tool or tip, or that one-liner zinger that rocks your world....The GlowJo podcast will give you the boost you need to keep on going and growing your own way. 

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I'm Leanne. Your host and new virtual pen pal. 


Are you ready to laugh, grow, expand your tool belt, and exhale big 'ol sigh's of relief?

Yes? Amazing!! You're definitely in the right place. 

I truly believe connected conversations can change the course of the world. And that's exactly what we're dedicated to doing at The GlowJo Podcast - one conversation at a time. 

Yup! That's my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and it all starts right here, right now. 

You, Me, your CuppaJo (or glass of Vino or sparkling water), and the amazing GlowJo Guests and Community. 

I'll "see" you in the The GlowJo ;)

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