Dr. Sukhi Muker on Shifting Into a Life of Health, Vitality and Conscious Creation.

July 28, 2022

Apple Podcast | Spotify Welcome, welcome to this week’s episode on The GlowJo podcast! Pop on some headphones and settle in for this episode…it’s full of jaw-dropping revelations that will make you rethink what you’ve been prioritizing. Today your host, Leanne Kallal, interviews special guest, Dr. Sukhi Muker. Dr. Sukhi is an acclaimed wellness doctor, […]

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Apple Podcast | Spotify

Welcome, welcome to this week’s episode on The GlowJo podcast!

Pop on some headphones and settle in for this episode…it’s full of jaw-dropping revelations that will make you rethink what you’ve been prioritizing.

Today your host, Leanne Kallal, interviews special guest, Dr. Sukhi Muker.

Dr. Sukhi is an acclaimed wellness doctor, author & speaker. He’s dedicated his life to helping people heal the past & create a new future through cell biology, quantum physics & neuroscience.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn Dr. Sukhi’s take on neural coherence, why he believes mindset will only get you so far, his signature 3 step process for conscious creation, and SO much more.

They also discuss the impact of the nervous system on your life, which is deeper and more profound than you may think! 

“Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world.”

 -Dr. Sukhi Muker

Learn how you can nurture your nervous system for higher energy levels, more creativity, and the ability to kickstart healing.

If you’re feeling drained, burned out, or stuck, this episode will give you the practical tools and tips you need to insert more fun, energy and creativity into your life. 


In this episode:

  • The 2 steps of hope you can do when you feel burnt out
  • How the Autonomic Nervous System affects your day-to-day
  • How to shift into a life of health, vitality and creation by tuning into your nervous system
  • Dr. Sukhi’s 3 step Conscious Creation Process

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Hello Suki and welcome to the glow Joe podcast. It is so wonderful to have you here today.

It’s great to be here. Thanks for having me, Leanne. I so appreciate this. Yeah, well, it’s truly my pleasure. And it’s my honor. You have been such a huge piece of my personal journey, both in life and in my healing journey. And I’m just so excited to talk with you today. I feel like this interview has been a long time coming.

You were one of the first people I wrote down that I wanted to interview over a year ago. That’s and we’re getting to it now. So I totally trust the timing on this. And for everyone listening, Dr. Suki muker is I call him Suki. We’ll call him Zuki here, but he is an incredible practitioner. He’s a chiropractor.

He is over 30 years of experience and he’s one of the most well researched, well educated, connected, conscious. People that I know he’s an incredible business man, and he just [00:01:00] lives this really inspiring life. And so we’re gonna talk about a lot of things today, but before we do Suki, I’d love to turn it over to you.

You have such a fascinating story. And so why don’t you just take a couple minutes and, and share, share what you want to share with the glow Joe audience. 

Totally. Okay. Awesome. Thanks lean. Yeah. So, I mean, you know, my journey’s really interesting in that, like you said, I, I always find it fascinating where people are like, oh, so what do you do?

And I’m a physiologist, I’m a chiropractor. And I’m like, am I really defined by, you know, those several years I spent in university and got some letters behind my name. Um, I always found that really interesting because for me, the way I live my life, the way I practice, um, the way that I sort of move forward with everyone is really based on an accumulation [00:02:00] of my life and my life experience, which does include my education, but so much as in.

The education of life in the world. And so my education started really, really early. Um, I was raised as you know, LiAnn on the other side of the tracks and to put in perspective, um, it was Canada and it was the poorest postal code, which in the states we say zip code in the entire country. So we’re talking crime, we’re talking violence, we’re talking addictions.

I had very loving, very caring parents that spent 10 hours a day, six days a week working in a factory. So I like to say that children are either parented or parented. So, what that means is parents are present. There’s a connection there and they guide [00:03:00] our children. They guide their direction right, and wrong, et cetera, et cetera.

On the flip side, I didn’t have that Liberty because my parents were busy just trying to put food on the table and a roof over our head, very humble beginnings. And as a result, I was parented in my environment. So that’s my polite way of saying I got kind of immersed in that environment of crime violence, addictions.

I started doing drugs when I was 12 years old. I left home when I was 14. I dropped outta high school when I was 14. Essentially that path continued until I hit rock bottom when I was 18. And when I was 18, I lived with anxiety. I lived with depression, I was suicidal. I had chronic fatigue in my body.

Essentially. I had a whole gamut of physical, mental, emotional crisis going on within me. And during that time during my teenhood, [00:04:00] I, I bought into this the system, if you will, you know, I did everything, you know, the good doc told me to do and, you know, combined that with my lifestyle and I just kept getting worse and worse and worse.

And so for me, there was a time in my life where I did try to take my own life. And in that moment, There was a part of me that wanted to leave this world. And that part was greater than the part of me that wanted to stay. And when I had that failed suicide attempt, and I share this in my book, and whenever I speak after that, a moment after that, there was a part of me that wanted to stay here a little bit more than the part of me that wanted to leave.

And for me, that’s when my journey really began. And that was exactly we’re going back now, um, 31 years ago. So it’s been [00:05:00] 31 years and I would say, I didn’t like I didn’t sign up to like think the way I do and learn about the things I did. I just wanted to understand why I made the choices I did, how I ended up where I was.

And more importantly, how through my later teens and into my twenties, deep on my healing journey, how I was able to sort of heal my past and really not just start living, but really thriving and really creating. A life that was quite extraordinary from my lens and my perspective. So that’s kind of like who I am.

That’s really who Suki is. Yeah. Who happens to be a father, you know, a husband, a chiropractor, a coach entrepreneur, but really that’s the Suki that I really want people to know. Yeah. Wow. Thank you for sharing. And it’s so funny cuz when I said Dr. Suki, Muer, [00:06:00] he’s a chiropractor. I’m like, no, but that’s not even how I describe you.

usually because of everything that you just shared. Oh my goodness. I feel like I could just talk to you for the rest of the time we have together about your story. I do have a question based on that. Um, and then this leads into more of what you and I are gonna talk about today, which is really paying attention to our health, the state that we create from our nervous system.

And, you know, we’ll talk about neural coherence, which is something you’ve I think, have you coined that? you know, it’s a biological term it’s so the nervous system is either in coherence or lacks coherence, but for me, my whole focus and, you know, we’ll get into this more, but healing really occurs when we allow our nervous system to move into higher and higher levels of coherence.

I love that. So we’ll talk about that more, I’ve had so many moments, so many rock, bottom moments in my [00:07:00] life and, and throughout my journey for various reasons. And I think for me, I’ve always looked for I’m like, well, how is it? I’m like people have these rock bottom moments. And then it’s like, and then I saw the light and everything changed.

And it’s like this boom. It changes overnight. And that hasn’t been my experience. I did have this one for me, and I’ve never, I plan on doing an episode sharing more about this, but it’s when I had the seizure and a near death out of body experience almost three years ago. And that one really was, I guess, more of my like, come to Jesus moment or the light shining in, but it’s taken me years to come out of that.

And finally, now I’m like, all right, I’m feeling set. 

What advice do you have for people when they hit rock bottom? Because it can be so difficult when you’re exhausted and you’re drained and you have nothing left and you feel hopeless and the world is dark and bleak. How do you start to make that bounce back?[00:08:00] 

Absolutely. I mean, that’s a great question. You know, Leanne, when we’re in it, it is so incredibly challenging when we’re in it, it, it, it just, it just really is. And there’s really not a lot, somebody around you and I speak from experience that can say something to you, or, you know, tap you on the shoulder and even give you a hug to support you.

But ultimately. When we’re in that place, it’s like the world’s just shut down. And I wanna say like, at least for me, when I had my nervous breakdown, when I spent three months in a bed in a total catatonic state, it was also having the awareness after the fact that when we’re in that place, that this amazing intelligence within [00:09:00] us is going to begin doing things within us that begins to change.

And I can get into the new nuances of our conscious mind or autonomic nervous system, but it really comes down to sitting back and just trusting where I live today. And it’s easier for me to say on the other side of my, you know, crisis, if you will, is that. I believe there is a universal intelligence. I believe the universe is perfect.

I don’t always have the awareness and consciousness. It’s perfect. But there is an intelligence. I’ll give an example. I never question Leanne. If the sun is going to rise tomorrow or the sun is going to set, like I drive, oh, I’m like, I’m stressing out. Like, I just don’t know if the sun’s gonna come up or if the sun’s going to go down, it’s like, there’s an intelligence.

[00:10:00] You know, I don’t question that same intelligence in the universe lives within our body. And so it’s finding those moments, those moments of glimmer within ourself, like I said, After I had my failed suicide attempt plan, there was a huge part of me that still wanted to commit suicide and leave. In fact, brutally honest, I probably spent the next 10 years thinking about taking my life every single day.

I never acted on it because it was a little bit more of me that wanted to stay. And that’s the part that I would lean into. So there’s going to be a part of your life that you can start to lean into. That is going to begin cultivating more trust. It’s going to be cultivating more hope and I get, you might feel hopeless.

And, and there is a bit of a science to hope and [00:11:00] hope is step one is knowing this is a science of hope. Our future is going to be better than our present moment. Step two is we have what it takes and I’ll get into the intelligence that flows in your nervous system. By the end of this, you’re gonna know, regardless of where you are, you have this amazing technology.

In fact, the greatest technology in the entire planet lives within you and the last step, which you may not have. But if you cultivate those two parts of hope, you’re over time gonna be willing to have agency, which is rolling up your sleeves. And doing what’s required to actually make those steps in that direction while leveraging those other two pieces.

Yeah. Wow. Thank you. That was an incredible answer. The one thing that stood out when you were sharing your story initially, is that you started to get curious. Now I’m guessing the curiosity [00:12:00] didn’t kick in like right at that moment, like I’m cur, but it started to kick in after curiosity is actually one of the values at the glow joke, because I believe that when we get curious and when we start to ask different questions, we’re going to get different answers and that’s gonna lead us in these new directions.

And so I just wanted to preface that, that really stood out to me when I was hearing what you were sharing is getting curious and then like lucky for all of us. You’re someone who really goes down the rabbit hole and you learn so much and then you can pay it forward and share. And so, yeah, going back to, again, your story right to begin with, you said, and then when I was 18, I was depressed.

I was anxious. I suffered from you. You had a nervous breakdown. And when I was doing a little research in preparation for this interview, the nervous system and nervous system dysregulation, I believe that this. Like [00:13:00] it impacts us whether we realize it or not. I think it’s so important that people start to realize like, Hey, you have this nervous system.

And we have this body that is full of trillions of cells that are always working for us behind the scenes, but we don’t really take care of it. We’re taught to eat right. And exercise and do certain things, which of course helps the nervous system. But I think when we get into these really stressful, burnt out states more is required.

And so I would love to learn more from you. What is the nervous system and what role does this have to play in our day to day? And then we can start talking about the role it plays in creating and dreaming big and, um, you know, bringing all of the incredible things awesome that we wanna bring to life.

Great. So I’m gonna begin Leanne with talking about how we were created and I’ll give a really long process. And, you know, as you know, I spent, I spent 11 [00:14:00] years in school, understanding neuroscience and cell biology, and the answers didn’t fully emerge from those two disciplines. I then personally dived into quantum physics.

And when I started to connect quantum physics with neuroscience and cell biology, that’s when the understanding of my healing, the understanding of my spiritual awakening and how life is literally a field of possibilities that we are these conscious creators. And I can give biological scientific understanding with that.

So that’s where we’re gonna get to, but we’re gonna keep it simple. So. This is where it began. You were born, you were created through a chemical reaction inside your mother’s body. And you went from two cells to a hundred trillion cells within approximately 40 weeks. [00:15:00] Approximately the first structure that developed was something called a NATO cord, which develops into a human Nu system, created two eyes, two legs, an immune system, a reproductive system, a cardiovascular system, et cetera, et cetera, but essentially the intelligence that took you from two cells to a hundred trillion cells, never, never abandoned you when you were born.

In fact, it stays with you. And if you cultivate and nurture that intelligence, which is the greatest technology on the planet, you will live an extra, extra ordinary life. If you’re anything like me, you were silly. You didn’t know that you didn’t understand. And because this beautiful life is about evolution, growth, [00:16:00] biodiversity, bio adaptability.

If we’re not on that path, our system is going to speak to us. I didn’t listen to my taps on the shoulders, the aches, the pain, the angst, it had to get so bad that I had to hit rock bottom, where the intelligence within me. Dude, you are not growing. You are not evolving. We have to literally bring you to your knees to wake you up and easier said from where I am now.

But for me, I would not have lived the last 31 years had I not hit rock bottom. So for me, that was the greatest gift. And, you know, you said something Leanne, you said, you know, we’ve been taught to exercise to eat well. And I actually believe we’re not, I believe when we go to school and I have a nine and six year old daughters and I’m observing them even go to a private school, they go to Waldorf education.

So very [00:17:00] unique values, aligned education. And I actually see that they’re actually not fully taught how to cultivate and nurture this intelligence. And unless we get a tap on the shoulder, which usually what it. We have a health crisis. We have a challenge or we have a crisis of a loved one and we decide to roll up our sleeves and get our own work done.

But essentially the nervous system doesn’t know the difference between past present and future. And in school and cell biology, my physiology prof said, look, stress is the cause of all illness and disease. I say, okay, great. Well, what does stress do I wanna understand this? So essentially when we experience stress and stress is anything beyond your nervous system capacity, you see your nervous system has a bandwidth, kind of like a [00:18:00] computer to speak, simple language.

You go to the local store and you get the latest and greatest Google computer or Mac computer. You come home. It’s fast. It’s sleek. It has this huge bandwidth. If I gave you a computer that was 15 years old and said, you know, Hey, we’re gonna do this podcast. Download some music, you know, check your internet, Google email.

It’s not going to happen because the capacity of that computer is smaller. So think of your nervous system, like a computer that has a bandwidth that has a capacity. Anything beyond the capacity of your nervous system is stress for you. That’s why stress is relative. And what happens is. Our nervous system.

When in stress, it loses coherence, which I can talk about shortly, but it goes into sympathetic tone, low grade fight or flight, which creates an environment for more cell degeneration, [00:19:00] cell breakdown, a lack of growth, a lack of evolution. And so what that means, it’s a lifestyle that is moving us in the opposite direction of where we wanna go.

Here’s the piece I’ll add. Before I pause here, lean Anne. My journey comes from a healthcare perspective and I realize when I work with people for symptoms, sickness, disease, illness, and that kind of became a last resort guy, like people with cancers and terminal illnesses, um, I realize not only could we create coherence within their nervous system to move them to this side of the spectrum, that when they came to this side of the spectrum, those things tended to go away.

The aches pains, the symptom sickness disease, but more importantly, for me, that’s not when the journey ended. That’s when it begun, because the same way we created [00:20:00] from the eight pain symptom sickness disease to create more health and VI vitality here, we could then go on to create in our relat business, in our finances, our ability to conscious create.

Actually has to do with where your autonomic nervous systems frequency and resonance is at. So that was a mouthful. My God, no, that was I’ll let you, no, that was so good. And I love what you said right at the end, because that’s what I’m personally realizing lately. You know, before we officially started the interview, I said, I’m pretty sure I’ve lived in fight or flight for about, well, most of my life and I like knock on wood.

I feel like I’m on the other side of it. And I know that there’s new, there’s different levels. Of course. So now it’s like my bandwidth. I do feel like all of a sudden my system, I’m more calm. I’m not [00:21:00] experiencing anxiety every day. I’m not having to use sheer willpower to get through the day and to focus and to get things done.

And all of a sudden I have more space. Where I’m not, I’m still doing basically the same amount of things, but I have more space. And with that space I’m able to create, and I. Creating things in business and in other areas of my life, but all of a sudden it’s like, oh, this feels so good. What if we actually spent more time truly taking care of ourselves and you’re right.

I don’t agree that we’re taught to like really take care of ourselves. Well, like the food pyramid, I think that’s a sham and everything, you know, it’s like, I look back to what we’ve been taught. Um, I love how you said. They’re not kids aren’t being nurtured and we weren’t taught to like actually tune into our system and what does our system need?

Yeah. And that’s been a huge part of my journey is tuning into what I need and being okay [00:22:00] with it because what I need yes is actually totally different than, you know, I was living this really fun. We’ll say like high fly in life, traveling all over the place, going to all these events, feeling like absolute crap, burning out, autoimmune things, weird.

It, it just, but I was, it’s like, that’s what I, you know, probably my ego wanted to do it. And I also thought, this is what I, what I should do. And I love travel and adventure. So there’s that truth of it. But I truly, wasn’t honoring my system and I wasn’t honoring the taps on my shoulder. Um, and before I know it, like I had lots of little health crisis crises, which I thought were big until I had really big one and I’m like, wait, my brain basically.

Shut down and it didn’t seem like it really worked for a month or two, at least. And then it was really starting to yeah. Um, to heal from there.

And so yeah, when you work with people in like learning how to tune into the [00:23:00] nervous system and take care of the nervous system, what is that process like?

Because you’re right. We’re not taught to even pay attention to this. We’re taught to just fit into these stupid boxes and right. That really don’t work for anyone. Maybe they work for like 0.1% of people. Yeah. That’s a great question, Leanne. So think of our nervous system, let’s say we have a hundred percent of our nervous system.

Two and a half percent of our nervous system is actually our conscious mind. So a very small percentage. So our conscious mind. So when we talk about like mindset and we talk about beliefs, we’re only talking about the two and a half percent of our nervous system. Another two and a half percent is our feeling how our body feels like, oh, you know, like I remember when I started speaking on stages over a decade ago, it’s like, oh, I have butterflies in my, my tummy.

I’m nervous about, you know, getting on stage in front of all these people or, [00:24:00] you know, you drive by an ice cream store and you’re like, oh yum. And you have that feeling in your body. So another two and a half percent is how you’re feeling. 95% of our nervous system is the autonomic nervous system. It’s the part of us that, you know, let’s our heartbeat.

Every moment of every day. It’s a part of us that we enjoy a beautiful meal, a lunch, a dinner for the next three to seven hours. It’s gonna digest that food. It’s gonna power your mitochondria, create ATP, create waste product when you’re. Out for an activity or a jog, and it’s in a hot sunny day and your temperature rises your nervous system, activates specialized clans called sweat clans.

You at release heat in the form of energy, you start sweating, your temperature comes down. So your autonomic nervous system performs millions and millions and [00:25:00] millions of functions every moment of every single day. You know, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll share the magnitude of the nervous system. There was a biophysicist named Fritz Albert pop.

He measured electrical emissions of the cell and the cell membrane. So I’ll keep it simple. There’s about a hundred trillion cells within this mind, body temple, approximately some say more, some say less. So let’s just say a hundred trillion ish cells. The human nervous system powers. All those cells. And it perfectly synchronizes and coordinates over 100,000 chemical reactions for every cell every second.

Okay. Let me say it again. A hundred thousand chemical reactions, every cell, every [00:26:00] second, a hundred trillion cells. Like I don’t even know how big that number is. That’s wild. You are embedded with that technology. We can call it what we want. We can call it electrical impulses. I can call it the intelligence.

I can call it the life force. I can call it whatever it is. So our nervous system is like our perception system. What we see, what we hear, what we smell, what we taste, what we touch and our intuitive gut feeling. That’s the piece that you were talking about, Leanne, somewhere. We as humanity. We went a little sideways, we got a little lost.

It’s like, I just like, I need to do this yet. Your inner guidance system, which is the greatest technology in the planet was saying, are you surely in like, do you really wanna do this? And your mind’s like, no, I have to do this. You know, I’m gonna, I’m gonna make stuff happen. I’m gonna be a career woman.

I’m gonna travel. And you’re justifying in the two and a half [00:27:00] percent, but the autonomic nervous system, the 95%, it’s gonna give you that message. And it’s gonna say, you know, I think Leanne, a lot of this is outside of your bandwidth and you can do it, but it’s going to catch up to you. Meaning outside of your bandwidth, meaning it’s a little bit stressful, meaning.

It creates less coherence within your nervous system. Let me talk about what coherence is. There’s a nervous system fires. Okay. It has a wavelength and an amplitude. And so when the wavelength comes up and the amplitude comes down, it’s measured on a machine, kind of like an, an ECG for your heart. It has an equal symmetric, wavelength and amplitude.

When the nervous system fires this way, we have coherence. When we have coherence, we have parasympathetic tone. When we have parasympathetic tone, we are regenerating reorganizing at the highest level of organization. Truth be told we [00:28:00] are brand new every seven years, every seven years, every cell, every tissue, every organ turns over through cell regeneration on this side of the spectrum.

Where we lose that coherence. What happens is it fires like an ECG? It’s very erratic. If you looked at how your nervous system fired. So when we’re on this side, we lack coherence we’re in sympathetic tone were stress mode. And it’s only a matter of time before the cellular degeneration cellular breakdown creates a tap on the shoulder and we start to move this way.

Now I know this is health, but our health affects our life because when we are on this side of the spectrum in coherence, remember what I said, our nervous system is our perceptual system. So we see the world through the stress, the trauma, the challenges of yesterday, our perceptual reality we’re in sympathetic tone.

That means our [00:29:00] nervous system thinks we’re getting chased by saber tooth tiger. So you’re going out in your days kind of feeling like where’s a saber tooth tiger, not a real saber tooth tiger, but whatever that looks like in this day and age for you. And then, you know, we talk about, you know, I know there’s a lot of entrepreneurs that listen to this, our autonomic nervous system.

This is where we start to get, you know, when dive a little into physics here. Yes, I was. You read my mind. Cause I was like, we need to talk about quantum physics and different things. Let’s do it. So, so the father of quantum physics is Albert Einstein, Albert Einstein. I’ve read all his books. I’ve studied his work in depthly.

And he said, when we start studying quantum physics things get a little bit nutty. Okay. so perfect. That’s the first I love it. We all know who Albert Einstein is. So yeah, what I’m gonna talk about. It’s a little bit nutty, bring it on and. And it’s like, so these without getting too much into it, my work has to do with these neural [00:30:00] centers that, that live in the autonomic nervous system.

But essentially our autonomic nervous system is like a radio frequency modulator. It sends out a signal to the universe. We call it the unified field in physics and receives a signal from there. If we’re living in a lack of coherence and sympathetic tone, the radio station we’re tuning into. And I’ll give you a simple example, if you love, I don’t know if you love country music.

you’re from Alberta. I do like it there’s times when I love it, but like, like, you know, I’m a rock and I’m a rock and roll lady at heart. you’re a rock and roll girl. OK. So, so we’ll use those two examples. So if you get your radio, you know, tuner and you put it into a country station, essentially we know this, it sends a message out to the unified.

Satellite, you know, the transistor at that radio station. And it stays in the frequency of [00:31:00] that, those digits, whatever it is like, you know, something points, something, something, whatever the dial is on the radio, in your vehicle or at home. And then that same frequency is sent back and voila. We have country music in our car, country, music in our home.

You’re not gonna get rock and roll. You’re not gonna get hip hop. You’re not gonna get rap. You’re not gonna get orchestra. You’re just gonna get country music. Now, if that’s 95% of your nervous system, but your mind says, you know what, I really want some rock and roll. And you’re like, just gimme some rock and roll.

But your autonomic nervous system is living in this country music signal. And you just keep getting this country music. This is a metaphor for my life, maybe. Yeah, right. So what I’m saying is that just like a radio trans. We are radio trans transistors, emitting a frequency out to the unified field and in the unified field [00:32:00] in physics, there’s every single possibility, every single possibility from your health, your wealth, your relationships, you name it.

Every possibility exists in the unified field. And it exists in the form of a wavelength. And based on where the resonance and frequency of our autonomic nervous system is, it sends out a message to collapse the wave into a particle of reality. And we now begin to experience that I am talking about conscious creation and here’s what I’ll say.

We are consciously creating every moment of every single day. Based on where the coherence or lack of is within our nervous system. So, you know, I might get in trouble, you know, from some people about this, but mindset will only work. [00:33:00] If you can change the autonomic nervous system, some can do that quite well.

Others cannot mindset did not work for me because seven years I was a student at positive psychology. And I was like, why isn’t this working for me? It works for all these other people, but you know, I’d say I was happy. I was happy. I was happy. I’m abundant, abundant, abundant. I’m like barely living paycheck to paycheck, starving student.

I’m like depressed. I have anxiety. I’m like, this is not working. It was when I understood that only if that mindset shifted that then things would begin to change. And I’m a huge advocate of positive thinking. Because it primes our nervous system, but that’s not where it ends. That’s only where it begins and start creating the change within that.

Yeah. I couldn’t agree more. There’s I hope I remember everything that I wanna touch on based off of what you just shared, but I’ll start with the mindset. So I talk a lot about mindset and tips and tools, but you’re right. That’s only one piece of the [00:34:00] puzzle and I know they say like, thoughts become reality.

And I love Walt Disney. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it’s like, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. and so I definitely think that there’s this part where our thoughts do play an important role, but if we’re only mm-hmm, trying to change our thoughts and not doing anything about it and not doing anything at this base level of coherence, we’re not gonna see the results.

And I know. Maybe this is why, like, I, I, I feel like you and I probably both have really strong wills and like willpower. I have willed myself through so much of life with that two and a half percent, and I didn’t realize it was two and a half percent. So that is a really interesting, that’s something new that I’ve learned.

I’m like, oh my God, it makes, makes sense. I’m like, what if I actually just took care of the 95% and then it’s gonna, everything’s gonna be so much easier. And yes, I, I feel like since my, you know, since the [00:35:00] seizure that I had in, in the fall of 2019, I’ve really been on this journey of truly taking care of myself and learning to honor my nervous system and its bandwidth that has been easier set than done because honoring it is not the fun, glamorous side of life.

It’s often the more. Simple. Humble. Might I say boring? at, at times? Yeah. Your, your social media. Feed’s not gonna boom. . Oh, hell no. that’s no, definitely not. It’s like here I am laying in bed again on a Friday night. um, yeah, but I will say it’s like, I, I do feel like now I’m like, oh yeah, like I’m working with my body instead of against it.

And I’m working with this innate intelligence. And when you were talking like, yeah, the math on 100,000 chemical responses per cell, per second, for of like a hundred trillion cells, we [00:36:00] are walking miracles. We really truly are. And yeah. Oh, I just got chills. Just, just thinking about it. How can we learn to honor where we’re at?

Because I know for me, I’ve, I’ve gone through my personal journey of this and I’ve talked a lot about it throughout the various episodes, but I’d love to hear your take on truly learning to tune into your body in a deeper way. Yeah. Tune like, you know, thoughts are important. We’re not gonna disregard that.

Yes. But we need to get in touch with the feeling and what’s truly going on. And then the second part is honoring it. Yeah. Okay. So, um, I’m gonna say a couple pieces with that. When I was in school, an economist came to our school as a guest lecturer and he said, if you wanna know where you’re gonna be in 30 years, all you need to do is look at the people that raised you.

And where they are, their health, their finances, the [00:37:00] conversations, they have, the vacations, they take the cars, they drive all of it. And I thought, wow, that’s interesting. There’s like a 98% probability that in 30 years you’ll have exactly what they have. And I didn’t understand it until I understood the physics.

This is my way of saying we’re brought into this world and around people that raise us, it might be, parents might be guardians. It might be friends. It might be family. It might be strangers, whoever, but we are now going to climatize to that resonance around the people we’re around. Like Tony Robbin says you’re an average of the five people you spend the most time with.

That actually is a scientific truth. That’s not a philosophical statement because our atoms, our molecules begin resonating at a certain frequency. So when we wanna begin creating more growth, more evolution, [00:38:00] more of who we authentically are, the first thing we must stop doing is reminding our nervous system of who we were yesterday.

And the day before, I’ll give you an example. When I work with people, it’s, it’s been like clockwork. We have this thing called a midlife crisis. By the time people hit their mid thirties, mid forties, they have a midlife, like, is that it like white picket fence? You know, I got my job. I’m just gonna punch out for another 20 years.

Like this is all life has to offer it’s because we’ve been running on autopilot for so long, which goes against the creative beauty. Of bio adaptability diversification. You see your nervous system constantly wants to fire and wire in new ways. But when we fire and wire in old ways, those tracks get stronger and stronger.

Our perceptual lens stay the same. And we essentially go through [00:39:00] life on autopilot, which doesn’t really look that that appealing. There’s not much vitality and not much health. So my biggest advice for people is allow yourself every single day to not remind yourself on who you were yesterday. You know, I’ll give you an example.

The typical person gets up in the morning, grabs their phone. They check their text messages, remind them of what they’re supposed to do yesterday. The day before the week before they check their social media feeds, they check their emails. They do all this most people before you even went to the bathroom.

I mean like the majority of people. So think about this, you’re creating a perceptual input to your nervous system, through this technology to remind yourself of who you were yesterday, and now you’re gonna react or respond to those inputs before you’ve [00:40:00] given yourself the creative space to actually create.

It’s like, rather than waking up and having a blank canvas, you’ve now woken up and painted the exact same thing you did yesterday last week, last month, last year, last decade. And so that’s the first piece. We must break the neurological pattern of being. Ourselves. That’s the first thing we have to do. Oh my gosh.

This is so good. Zuki. There’s so many, like it’s just like bomb, like wisdom, bomb after wisdom bomb. That’s incredible. There’s something I know. So many people who talk about creating before consuming. And I think that that’s such, uh, that’s such a powerful point. I do not do that. very, I wish I did. I wake up and I’m like, do do, and I just naturally start checking things and I’ve actually, I’ve been way better lately because I’m making a conscious effort to mm-hmm , you know, I’ve been on a big EFT, emotional freedom [00:41:00] tapping kick these days.

And so I, I do my tapping and my gratitudes and I just finished a cleanse. And so a lot of my morning was consumed with prepping everything and it felt so nice to focus on something for myself. In that moment being present and not worrying about everything that was going on around me. 

Yeah, so, so I mean, that’s the first piece. So it’s like allowing our nervous system to create a clean slate. Yeah. And, and we can do it different ways too. Like when you brush your teeth, you always brush your teeth with your right hand, brush your teeth with your left hand.

Oh, I love that. If you drive to, you know, a lot of people aren’t driving to work anymore, but if you drive to a local coffee shop or walk or cycle, try, do driving a different way. Yeah. Take a different path, like break the routines in your life. So then you can stimulate your nervous system in new ways.

And then when we start to [00:42:00] do this, this is really, it’s like, we’re just. Remember what I said, we’re sending out a frequency signal. And if you keep reminding yourself of who you are, that radio F frequency keeps getting sent out. And you know, this goes from, again, your level of service, your connection to other people, your connection to yourself, um, your abundant set point, you could be looking in the mirror, you know, telling yourself you’re gonna make X amount of figures this year.

And if you keep reminding yourself of who you were, you know, it’s like if we went to Vegas, Leanne, and I said, look, this table lean, we got a 95% odds of winning this table. We got two and a half percent. which one you gonna pick, right? Yes. You’re gonna pick the 90%. It’s like we have to leverage the power of this intelligence that, that lives within us.

This intelligence that sends out that frequency and sends out that signal. [00:43:00] So once we start doing this, what starts to happen, I’m gonna give you the biological implications of what you just shared when we lack coherence. And we’re stuck in patterns, the density between our ad, we’re made up of atoms, sub atomic particles, protons, electrons, neutrons, the densities are very close together.

They’re very sticky. And when they’re dense like that, there’s not a lot of flexibility and dynamic change in this biological system. We might meet people like this, people that are close minded, they’re like, you know, you get ’em to, Hey, listen to this podcast. And they’re like, yeah, I don’t wanna listen to that podcast.

you know, I’d say we know those people, those people might be you. Um, I used to be one of those people, um, on the flip side, when we start cultivating and nurturing ourselves, We actually started creating more space between our atoms and when we have more space between our atoms, there’s a greater electrical flow.

There’s more life force, more intelligence. And what starts to [00:44:00] emerge is the essence of who you are. You’re unique. You look a certain way, you talk a certain way. You walk a certain way. You see the world a certain way. Like nobody else, like I know there’s people out there that might look similar to you, but really you are uniquely you.

And this is what providing yourself the cultivation and nurturance of that. And it just so happens. There’s greater health, there’s greater vitality, there’s greater wholeness. There’s more happiness, more joy. All these things come about along with that creation. And so when you have the space, that’s when the so-called apple starts to fall off the tree and you have these epiphanies, you have these new ideas and you start to do that, but we must create the fertile soil within ourselves to do that.

It doesn’t magically happen. It doesn’t just like, you don’t just get this magic idea if you will. 

Oh my gosh. I, so I’ve had to mute [00:45:00] myself when you’re talking, because I’m just saying yes, yes. Like the entire time, and I don’t wanna like break your flow, but this is exactly what I’ve been experiencing lately.

 And I don’t know if I said this in this interview or before we, when we were talking, but I’m like, I feel like I have so much more space in my life. Right? I have so much more space and ideas are flowing and no matter what, when I create space in my, in my schedule and in my calendar and I have enough of it, new ideas start to flow in, I get a new perspective.

I’m able to see things from a different way and make decisions from a different place. What I’m experiencing lately is that this space just exists. Within me kind of all the time. And I’m like, whoa, what do I do with this? Mm-hmm . And so I love, right. I love hearing the signs behind this, and I love how you shared a couple of tips and how we can start to, like, how can we start with a blank canvas and a blank, you know, that blank slate every day, instead of automatically going back into[00:46:00]  who we were in reminding ourselves of the past versus reminding ourselves of who we truly.

So you shared walking to work or driving to work a different way? When I go for walks, I don’t wait at stop lights. I just go, I’m like, okay, that one’s, I can walk this way. I’m gonna walk this way.

And then I get to the next place. I’m like, okay, cool. And I just go, I just flow and see where the traffic lights take me really. Um, I’ll try that with driving, right. it could take you a while to get to your place if you’re, if you have a specific destination. Yeah. Another thing that I do to create variety, and this is how I’ve been able to experience some adventure in a way that’s sustainable for my system.

Now there’s a caveat. You do need to be, I’d say careful with this one, but walking down different aisles at the grocery store and getting inspired, I’m like, oh, instead of making the same thing, why don’t I try making this exotic dish from this place, or try experimenting with this spice and looking for new things and a new [00:47:00] way to expand.

and I’m always trying new things, especially cooking. Like I’m a very creative cook. 

And so what other simple tips and advice do you have for people to constantly remind themselves of who they are and where they’re going versus who they were. Right. So I love those. Um, I’m gonna try that at the grocery store.

I love that. And you know, kind of like what you had mentioned, there’s, there’s like, there’s so much to offer in this world. And, and we, like, we get stuck in these little, little lanes and these little corners of how we live our life and, you know, one of the greatest ways, and again, the whole science is like stealing negative ions from the earth, but is spending way more time in nature.

And when we spend time in nature, we pull negative ions from the earth and Adam to our body than on the flip side of that is I’m really big on turning on [00:48:00] strong and turning off strong. What that means is there’s a time and a place for this, but we’re not meant to have this during our entire waking hours.

Is kryptonite. This creates less coherence. This moves our nervous system into sympathetic tone. It creates constant dopamine spikes. We get addicted to it. So it’s like, what is your kryptonite? Seeing what your kryptonite is in creating boundaries around our Krypton? So it’s like people say, oh great. I’ll, I’ll go into nature and check my emails.

No, , it’s like leave the phone at home or in your vehicle. Go for a walk in nature. I mean, the list can just go on here. Leanne breath, how to learning, how to breathe properly. Creates massive coherence can move you right into a parasympathetic tone. Creating, you know, meditation, [00:49:00] I’m really big on creating meditation that affects our autonomic nervous system.

That’s where, you know, you said, did I coin the term neural coherence? We do these neural coherence things. We create more and more coherence within our nervous system, but you don’t need anything elaborate. You can simply close your eyes. I’ll give you an example. If your inhalation naturally is longer than your exhalation, you are in a dominant sympathetic tone.

So the simple act of breathing slow breathing deep and having a longer exhalation. That means like breathing in for four seconds, breathing out for six or seven seconds. That creates a parasympathetic tone. Actually, I’ll tell you a great story with that, Leanne. Um, I was on stage years ago and this would’ve been one of the bigger speaking events that I was at, meaning thousands and thousands of people in the audience.

Um, and there’s always like, you know, you’ve [00:50:00] spoken, there’s always like an up level where, oh yeah. You know, you’re very comfortable speaking when you’ve spoken, you know, many, many times, but then something happens. You’re like, oh, there’s that many people in the audience. So then your party is like that, that insecure, you know, lack of self love and esteem that, that part of us comes up.

And so I was sharing this story while I was on stage and I completely forgot where I was gonna go. And then I got like angst, I got panicky. And literally, this is how cool this tool of breathing is. I said, you know what, I’m just gonna shut them out and shut me out. I didn’t say, um, or anything like that, but I just decided to calmly, collectively and confidently walk across the stage.

And as I walked, I took three really deep inhalations and longer exhalations. It seemed like an eternity. Like literally it seemed like [00:51:00] hours. Okay. I watched the video, it was like three seconds. I found myself, I got back to where I was. I was calm and collected. I shared the story. I watched the video afterwards.

It looked like it was intentional. Like that’s how powerful our breath is. It’s like we have the ability to tune into that. Um, you know, when we talk about what we put, forget about, you know, I can do a whole lecture. Um, I can do like a workshop on diet, but let’s, let’s forget diet for a minute, but let’s talk about what we put in our eyes.

And what we put in our ears. You know, I haven’t watched the news in three decades, you know, I don’t put anything in front. I’ve watched a horror movie in three decades cuz my nervous system could not. It, you might love horror movies. Good for you. Um, but what am I putting in [00:52:00] my sensory system? Because I don’t care who you are.

There’s going to be an element of what you put into what you see and what you hear that is going to imprint on your nervous system and will play a role to create your perceptual lens and your perceptual reality. You know, that’s why the whole piece is, you know, Tony Robbins said being an average of five people he spend the most time with actually Jim Roone said that Jim RO, he got that Tony Robbins repeated that from Jim.

Biologically. So it makes changes within us. So for around people that are doom and gloom, you’re gonna start to become doom and gloom. You really are. Um, and you probably experience this too. Like I always say this with females, cause I find it really fascinating when we can see the resonance and frequency in action.

There’s across the board groups of women birth, you know, childbearing ages. And let’s say they work out together every morning [00:53:00] and they meet at the exact same time. Let’s say 7:00 AM. It’s only a matter of months before all the women start menstruating together, people are like, why is that? Well, it’s why, because we’re energetic beings.

Yeah. We have a frequency and you will start menstruating together as a result, just being each in each other’s frequency four or five days a week at 7:00 AM to work out. It’s like, it’s like magical, you know? So when we, when we really start to understand this, so the piece, the biggest piece that I’ll share is start with one thing and then begin to stack.

Cuz when that one thing becomes a habit, it’s like. You would never leave your house without brushing your teeth. You don’t think, oh man, I gotta brush my teeth. right. There’s been the occasion Suki. on a rough morning, back in the day, but yeah, no, on a rough morning, back in the day. Well, but for the most part, yes, I would agree.

You’re go out [00:54:00] for, for a meeting, an important meeting or a job interview. And you’re you are meeting face to face. Chances are you. You’re not gonna have to, will yourself to brush your teeth and that’s because brushing your teeth, it’s becoming ingrained habit. Right? So what if you could take spending 30 seconds in the morning to tune into your breath and then have a longer exhalation than an inhalation?

Just 30 seconds. That’s it do that consistently for a week a month. Great. Now you can do that. You know, turn off your phone, first thing in the morning, do your, you know, do your thing in the morning, come up, have your tea, coffee, water, what, you know, breakfast, whatever you have, give yourself the space and you start stacking these things.

I’m like a lot of people ask me, you know, what do you do? And I’m like, you know, you know, I’m an ultra endurance athlete. Like then the amount of things [00:55:00] I do would completely overwhelm people because only because health vitality consciousness is of the highest value to me, those are my priorities in, in, in those orders.

In fact, they become before my family, because I know if I don’t have my health, if I don’t have my vitality, if I don’t have my awareness, I cannot be the husband. I wanna be, I cannot be the father. I wanna be, I can’t provide for my family. All those things go by the wayside. So they’re number one for me.

And so all I’ve done over the past 31 years is implement one new thing that became a habit. I no longer needed my conscious awareness to do that. And I added another thing. I added another thing. I added. Another thing, the important thing I’ll share lean Ann is that this is not a sprint. Life is an ultra endurance event.

[00:56:00] It’s a journey. It’s a process there’s nowhere to get to. There’s nowhere to get to except to be here right now in this moment. And the more that we can begin stacking those things to be right here in this moment. The more conscious, the more fulfilled, the more aware, the more powerful and potent creators we become.

And that’s a beautiful, magical thing for all of us. Yeah, it really is. And I love that. You talked about adding one new thing. I know for years I would, I go through these spurts where I’m like, I’m really motivated. I’m feeling good. And I sit down and I write out, this is my new protocol. When my new protocol includes about 20 new things that I wasn’t doing.

And maybe I stick with it for a few days, or if I’m lucky a week and then either they’re either all gone and out the door, or there’s a couple that linger, I love this concept of adding in one new thing at a time, [00:57:00] um, habit stacking mm-hmm, where this is a great way to, you know, we can stack new things, but then also parrot.

So, you know, I thought of brushing your teeth because you’re right. Of course we brush our teeth every day. And what if, what if we were to actually, before we brush our teeth, take a deep breath in and then exhale longer than we usually would, and then start brushing our teeth. That can be a great way to incorporate things.

And there’s science behind pairing new habits with preexisting habits, um, and how this actually helps form and create them. 

You’ve talked about the concept of 1% better every day. And I think that this is really relevant to what we were just talking about. Do you have anything more to say about, or anything that you’d like to add around this concept?

1% better every day and how it can be easy and not a stressful thing? Absolutely. Yeah. So when you’ve had a health crisis [00:58:00] or, uh, a crisis in your life, your businesses went bankrupt. Um, you’ve had a failed relationship. There’s going to be the awareness of this thing over here that needs work. For my case, it was my health.

My vitality for others might be like, huh, maybe my, my ideas or direction and business needs work, or maybe my ability to be in a romantic relationship needs help or needs work. And so the big piece, you know, with that, and the big piece that I’ll share is that if we can ask ourselves every single day about the choices that we’re making and the choices can even be a thought, is this choice, is this thought moving my nervous system in the right direction?

Is it moving my nervous system to more coherence or. Is this choice is this [00:59:00] thought moving my nervous system to a lack of coherence, is it moving my nervous system, the wrong way in the wrong direction? And you know, it can be as simple as that, as you know, is this food is this idea, is this conversation?

You know, the example I’ll give is over a decade ago, I made the conscious decision to remove gossip from my life. I no longer wanted to use the word to speak negatively about another person. And it did amazing wonders for me because then when I started to think about a certain person, I was looking for what is right and what is good within them.

Cause the reality is we all have a higher and a lower self. We do. I do. You do, we all do, but what are we gonna shine more light on? And that’s a question that we can continually ask ourselves. 

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